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Before you apply
Don’t forget to go through our website so you know all about us and what we do. It’s important you understand our culture and what we deliver to our members.

Personal Trainers and Yoga Instructors

The Trainers at Live Life Get Active are all highly qualified and passionate people.

They run their own training and yoga businesses very successfully and they see the importance of giving back to those who need a little more help in finding a path to a fitter, healthier and happier life.

Live Life Get Active Trainers work in local communities right across Australia. They work with everyday people, some of which have never been to a gym, or never played sport. Many of whom are overweight, lack confidence or are dealing daily with illness and pain.  

They introduce these people, our members, to cross training, boxing and yoga.  They talk to them about good nutrition and provide fun simple ideas that can help build positive healthy behaviour.

They change people’s lives and they build a loyal following as a result of their passion, care and consideration. We don’t ask them to do this for nothing, we pay a competitive rate for this investment of their time.

We are very excited that you want to join our team. There are several steps in our recruitment process, first of all we need to get to know you, check your certification, your experience and understand the sort of things that motivate you. It won’t take long you can apply online ☺

Contractor & ABN
We also need to make you aware that you will not be employed by us, you will contract to us and therefore you need to be an independent sole trader with an ABN or be registered as a company with an ABN.